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Littleness & Me


A deeper dive into what it means to be ‘little’ and autistic.

All things. Safe & Soft.


Identity can be a tricky thing. I was recently asked a very good question by a researcher researching autism and kink. I figured it was time I wrote about it :)

First trail ride!


I got out on my bike. Here’s a post about how we made it happens and what we’re doing next.

100 days.


First 100 days with a life changing spinal cord injury

Time for data


It’s going to be a few horrible week. But it should be worth it.

12 weeks: Feeling Groovy


It’s been 12 weeks since my injury and life is different. But not as different as it may seem.

Working from ‘not bed’


A way to work from bed without ‘being in bed’

A simple system for tracking my work: I don’t.


Task management is a common struggle for a huge number of ADHD folk. Here’s my approach.

Professional persona's


Exploring the impact of personas on my work life.

Returning to work: Am I ready?


Trying to work out when to return to work and what things I need to consider before I do so.

Move or move not.


My thoughts on physical pacing. How I can pace my body to get the most out of each day but optimising a day for rest, or a day for adventure.

10 Weeks In


It’s been 10 weeks since my body changed. This is a post about where we are. What is happening with my body, what things we’ve worked out how to do and what comes next.

I’m getting a wheelchair


The wheelchair assessment took an unexpected direction.

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Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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