Brief updates on whats is going on the in world. Sharing throughs and opinions on all things autism & spacey.

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Many New Pjs


Some thoughts on why I’m buying new PJs, why bright PJs work well for me and few of my favourites and where to buy them.

Autistic Play, Employment and me.


A little article looking at the role of play in my life. How it related to adventure and why it’s a key part of my autistic joy.

2022: Summer of Adventure


A post exploring the coming summer. Why I am leaving my BBC job and what I am doing next.

Building momentum & Cheerfulness


Some thoughts on the role of momentum and cheerfulness in my day to day life.

365 days in


Reflecting on life a year after I had a spinal cord injury.

2022 Theme: Year of…


Reviewing my theme for 2021 and presenting my new theme for 2022.

Living Little in a Tiny Home


Reflecting on 2021 and thinking about the future.

Nerdy: AWS Graviton vs M1 vs M1 Pro Node.js® Benchmarks


I race different computers head to head to see which ones can run one of my test scripts the fastest

Using a Toddler lens


How the lens I am using makes life a lot more fun and bouncy

Staying Put, Monotropism & Me


How one change of lens has utterly changed my life.

ADHD meds & sensory stuff


A short post answering a Twitter question about how my sensory profile is effected by using ADHD medications.

Ooo. It tingles.


Some thoughts on my injury and the future.

Why I cry, when I cry.


I’ve been crying a lot recently and here’s a quick post about the surprising reasons why.

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Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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