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New Bedroom Studio


Like most people, my life has changed a lot over the last year. Between the pandemic, changes to my support routines and various health issues, i’ve had to rethink a lot of my day to day life. One of the areas which has been slowest to change is my home. This post explores how and why I have redesigned my bedroom.

Why i enjoy SnowRunner.


A short review of one of my favourite games and why I like it.

Routine Review & Return to work.


This is a little post about the latest incarnation of my routine, plus some thoughts on how we’re planning my return to work in the coming weeks.

A personal timezone


This is a post about why i’ve adopted an offset timezone and how i hope it can make my life a little easier.

Routines update


The last few weeks have been good. We have been going back to a known good routine. In this post I want to outline the routine we’re using and why it’s been chosen.

5 things I learnt making my mask routine.


Wearing a mask is not quite as simple for me as it for other people. I’ve had a few issues and barriers along the way. This post looks at the barriers and gives 5 things I’ve learnt so far.

The perils of coping mode.


A post exploring coping mode and what’s happened during lockdown.

Getting back to work.


This post outlines my plans for how to get back to work as the lockdown eases and life returns to something totally unlike normal.

It's All Gone.


Today has been really tricky. I don’t think today was tricky because of what has happened today, i think today was tricky because i am coming to terms with one fact above all others. It’s All Gone.

Lockdown Bike Build: Orange Five.


I recently brought an Orange Five frame and built it up as an XC / Trail bike. This is a quick post about why i choose the Five and what i am using it for.

The beanbag zone.


A few days ago I watched a video by CGP Grey called Spaceship You. It’s well worth your time to watch it.

This is an article about how it’s effecting how I am using my home.

#newRoutine Finding my groove


As we head into the forth week of lockdown we’re starting to find a routine that works.

In this post I want to share our plans for the week ahead and ways we’re trying to improve the new routine.

#newRoutine: Illness & Self Isolation


Our experience with illness and isolation during the pandemic.

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