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Archive of: February, 2021

Underwear: nothing is quite right


The types of underwear I use and why they are all terrible.

ADHD Meds Decision: Stop or keep going.


Coming to a decision on if I keep going with meds, or stop using them.

New bike project.


Our plan to replace the bike that was stolen recently.



Everything about sleep. My bed, bedroom, routines, clothing and much much more :)

Speech and me


A deep dive into my speech and how I communicate.

Lockdown adventures


A look at some of what we’ve been doing to make lockdown easier with a range of adventures suitable if I am spaced out or not.

Babysitting returns


It’s been a long time since my support could be described as babysitting. But it’s started to happen again.

Someone stole my bike.


Someone came into my home and stole a bike. Here’s how we’re responding to it by considering our procedures and measures.

Early morning tigger.


My new early morning routine. How it works, why I like it, and why I named it after tigger.

Accepting impairment


My impairment varies a lot. More so than usual right now as I try different ADHD meds. In this post I explore how I think about impairment and why acceptance is critical tho not always easy.

Thoughts on a dual diagnoses (Autistic & ADHD)


Some thoughts and perspectives relating to life with a dual diagnoses. A brief look at some of the ways I approach things and why that approach works doe me.

Pandemic Goals


Some thoughts on the goals I’ve set during the most recent lockdown as part of the pandemic.

Bedroom Studio V2


A few thoughts on my bedroom redesign. What we changed and why.

I’m not trying to be happy. Maybe you shouldn’t either.


Why settle for being happy.

Revisiting Meds


Some thoughts around ADHD meds and how they fit into my life.


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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