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3 tips Autism friendly Christmas.


Adults and children on the spectrum alike both struggle with some aspects of Christmas.

Here are 3 tips for helping things go smoothing on the day and in the run up.

Travel things.


It’s been a busy few days. Traveling up to Salford from london for work meetings.

Here are some notes.

Squease vest first impressions.


The very lovely people at Squeezy have agreed to lend me one of their jackets for a few weeks so I can see if it works for me and to write a review.

I have had it a couple of days, and I wanted to get my first impressions down while they were fresh.

Autism and my senses.


An overview of how my sense work and some of the ways I approach managing them. (For the cleaned up more focus version. Look in (Tips & Techniques)[/tips]

Ear Defenders.


I put off buying ear defenders for years and years. I aways considered them ‘too autistic’ for me. To embarrassing. I would just endure loudness or use my hands. This post details my experiences with them.

On Autism (Lion)


Autism* is a whole bunch of things to a whole bunch of people. It’s Autism Awareness month so I figured I better write something. So I sat down, wrote a title, and started to think. What do I, Jamie, think about “Autism”.


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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