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A damn good day off!


I had a lovely day today. Reflections on why and how I can make it happen more often.

Hybrid Living Version 2.0


A little exploration of how I approach living in many different places.

iPod touch 2019 first impressions


A new useful gadget!

Adopting uniform


A post about why I have started wearing a uniform again.

Principles are hard to keep and easy to loose.


I screwed up. Here’s how and why.

Hybrid living


We’re changing some things with my support and living setup. Here is an outline of what we’re changing and why.

Home Alone Experiments Update.


One of the things i find most challenging is long periods home alone. The pressure too keep safe isn’t high, but it is constant and consumes lots of energy.

To try and make my home a little less complex, we have been trying three different experiments. We have been simplfying my home, compartmentalising risks, and adding passive support.

Experimenting with 5:2 fasting


Exploring weight management using routine friendly methods.

Ability, Capability & Capacity


How I have changed the way I think about my energy in order to improve my life.

£30 Bike Experiment (aka Trax!)


In late November we went to Centre Parcs for a small holiday. It was really fun. As normal the bit i enjoyed most was the cycling. I always get a Trike and take great pleasure in playing postman!

When i got home i was thinking about cycling a lot. I enjoy cycling and own two bikes, but it has been rare for me to ride. I cover at most a few hundred miles per year. Its more than nothing, but not anywhere near enough to make any impact on my health.

Inspried by Centre Parks i started thinking about what i could do to making cycling around near home more sustainable. The bike experiment was born


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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