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Defining support types.


Defining things is a good way to understand them. This post looks at the differences between carer / support worker / babysitter / friend.

Developing an autistic Identity.


In the last two years i have had to develop a true "autistic" identity. This post looks at the main lessons i have learnt along the way.

My Support Network.


As we get towards the end of 2016 i wanted to document my support network now and also write a bit about the changes which are coming in 2017.

New support plan going well.


A post looking at the achievements i have made this week and why i think they were possible. Also a look at some of the changes which are coming up.

A painful week of change


Last week was a very physically painful week. This week was the first week where paid support looked after me more than my friends did. Well that was the plan anyway.

Accepting Autism: Being 5.


I have always found identity to be a tricky thing. Part of my autism acceptance has been accepting i don’t "have to be" normal. Not entirely anyway. In this post, i explore what it mean to accept the autism and to get comfortable with something "being 5".

A good week.


A really positive week to relax and recharge. Positive noises from social service (after a trip to anxiety hell!) and an interesting experiment.

Morning Support.


This week I am running an experiment. Here’s the details with some background on why and what we hope to achieve.

"Autie not naughty."


Accepting support is really hard. I’m still practicing but here’s some of the points i consider.

Keeping My Job


Why the right form of support means I can keep my job.

Keeping Busy.


Getting into the office more, babysitter continues to be amazing. Support gaps are posing a challenge and we are still waiting for social services to write a "report" to propose future plans. Finally, next week i am speaking at the NAS Autism + Tech Conference,

Exploring the limits.


Last week was really full. I had many adventures big and small and explored lots of limits. Along the way I learnt a few things too.

Carrying Momentum.


I am just home after a lovely weekend at my friends. I thought now would be a good time to do an update on how last week went and to look ahead at the week to come.

Paying for Supoort.


One of the big changes for 2015 was that I started buying in support for myself. We call them babysitters ;) it’s slightly tongue in cheek. Worryingly accurate!

Double Update


I have written this update multiple times, but its never got published! So here’s a short version.

Things are going well. Were establishing routines and there are plenty of small achievements along the way.

Building Tall Towers.


An overview of this weeks achievements and some plans for next week.


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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