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Identity is hard - why I use identity first language


Some thought on what identity means to me and then how that influences the language I use.

Making my bets: new support plans.


When i worked in the BBC Radio and Music team one of the senior managers used to use the phrase "making bets" when it came to strategy decisions. I always liked the tone, it was a clear intention, but also an acceptance that it was a guess.

With that in mind, i’m starting to make a few bets of my own with my care.

Where to develop next?


The last few months have been really positive for me. We have mostly resolved the housing issues which where causing so much of the anxiety. Everyday still feels a bit like an exam, but it’s an exam i am well prepared for and can leave at anytime.

The reduced anxiety gives me a chance to look at how i am approaching my life and to re-evaluate my goals and ambitions.


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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