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Keeping Busy.


Getting into the office more, babysitter continues to be amazing. Support gaps are posing a challenge and we are still waiting for social services to write a "report" to propose future plans. Finally, next week i am speaking at the NAS Autism + Tech Conference,

Exploring the limits.


Last week was really full. I had many adventures big and small and explored lots of limits. Along the way I learnt a few things too.

Carrying Momentum.


I am just home after a lovely weekend at my friends. I thought now would be a good time to do an update on how last week went and to look ahead at the week to come.

Starting 2016 Positively.


I took a 2 and a half week break from sleeping in my flat over Christmas and the new year. Today it is Thursday (and new years eve) so heres a short update on our plans for next week.

Burnout. Abort.


Last week was pretty rough. I went into the week exhausted and the burn out really set in. After two days of managing meltdowns and massive amounts of anxiety I aborted my flat to go stay with friends.



This post is going to be bullet brief. I just need to get it written! This is the 5th or 6th draft.

Just keep swimming.


For this weeks update I am not going to talk so much about what is happening and instead focus on how I am feeling.

I am feeling really weird at the moment. There is lots going on.

Double Update


I have written this update multiple times, but its never got published! So here’s a short version.

Things are going well. Were establishing routines and there are plenty of small achievements along the way.

Building Tall Towers.


An overview of this weeks achievements and some plans for next week.

Steady as she goes.


A review of the achievements and challenges of week 5 and an overview of the highlights and planned adventures of week 6.

Focusing on speech.


Refocusing on routine and structure with the hope it brings better sleep and speech. Taking a 2 week break from nights sleeping alone.

New routine, small achievements adding up


It’s Sunday which means this is the start of my forth week in my new flat.

This post is a quick summery of where we are so far with new things plus a run down of this weeks achievements.

Travel things.


It’s been a busy few days. Traveling up to Salford from london for work meetings.

Here are some notes.

A Plan Comes Together.


We’re about midway through my third week in my new flat so time for an update on how it’s going. This week we have a new babysitter and my first work travel for a while.

Going Solo


First week in the new flat has gone pretty well. This post talks about the goals and plans and presents the case for a slightly different form of indepedence

And we're in. Now the hard bit starts.


The move, the first night, the first morning a bit about shutdowns and a funny comment about antelope.


Spaced Out & Smiling is about exploring the fun side of Autism, and trying to understand what it means to be Autistically Happy.

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