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Back in late November I redesigned my bedroom to turn it into a studio. It was an experiment to see if consolidating all the parts of my life into a single space would be useful.

Overall it works and it works well. I don’t get much done when I am home alone, there’s too much overhead…. But when I have support I can use the desk and get lots done.

However there was lots of room for improvement. The layout I had wasn’t great. It had some serious safety issues in that sharp edges projected into the room and there was lots of stuff to walk around.

Studio bedroom v2 is a redesign. It aims to fix the safety issues and make the room softer and safer

The new layout splits the room in two. One end for being active (working, gaming etc), one end for resting (sleeping, listening to books etc)

Resting end.

With a focus on soft and safe. We moved my bed to one side of the room and we have my wardrobe and bookcase facing it. It creates a really safe feeling little pocket.

Visually we’ve kept it simple. The bookcase is full of labeled draws and I have plushies and Lego models visible. The plushies on top the wardrobe sort of feel like guards on a watch tower.

Down the middle of the room between the bed, wardrobe and bookcase is a rug with 6 coloured blocks and transport icons. I found the rug in B&Q and loved it. Really simple, bright and soft.

The resting end of the room is more or less like a kids room. It works for me. Feels safe and it’s visually very simple.

We’ve removed almost all the sharp edges with this layout. It’s much safer and it’s easier to navigate when I am tired and wobbly. When I start my day I close the bed using the bungee cord to help with the transition.

Active end

The active / working end of the room is also kept simple. The desk sits beside the bookcase and a little sofa sits opposite.

I swapped out the big desk for a smaller one. Beyond taking up less floor space, it also takes up less visual space. Unlike the old desk which felt super ‘officey’ the new desk has a warm grey colour which blends in and makes it feel part of the room.

The sofa is useful tho not super comfy. It’s good enough for now. I may swap it out for something more comfortable in the future. I mostly use it for calls or when I want to take a break from sitting at my desk

Final thoughts

The new layout feels much better. I am finding myself better able to rest now I feel safer. While the room isn’t very adult, it works for me and that’s all that really matters. Designing spaces to meet my needs is a key part of my autonomy. With the new layout I think I’ve achieved a much better balance for the space. I’m am excited to be here and that’s a really great place to start from.


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