Thoughts on Lockdown 3.0

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As expected, we’re just entered a third lockdown period. Well, kinda… we essentially locked down in ~September and the announcement doesn’t make a massive difference.

However, it does seem like a good idea to capture some of my thoughts on what were doing this lockdown and how we’re keeping things stable.

Continuing support

Unlike the first lockdown, we’re keeping most of my “normal” support and routines going this time. Sort of. Unless we have a cold or some other reason to pause it a few days.

For example, were still going to be doing evening routine for ~1 hour per day, and my reset routine for hopefully 1 day a week. With a bit of access to work funded support on top.

Work stuff

One of the things I’ve learnt is that it is very very difficult to get any work done without support… it’s net negative for me to try and power through when I don’t have access to a suitable environment.

With that in mind, I am getting most of my work done on support day. We’re hoping to do at least 2 of these a week, with 3-4 for special occasions.

I also have profitable side projects which are also able to fund support so I can work on them. That should hopefully keep things ticking over.


For the last year or so I have been doing much more exercise than I used too and I hope to keep it going during this lockdown.

I can go for a few small bike rides alone during the week, but most of my bike rides will be when I can either go with a friend or access support. I’m hoping to use this lockdown as a change to explore epping forest and learn my way around. It’s the closest place where we can safely ride away from roads for an extended period. We can get there in the truck for a 20-25 minute drive which is handy.


Over the last year I have been using games as a way to “get outside”. Normally exploration based games like snow runner or Forza horizon. These have been useful and I’d like to do more of them. A few days ago I started playing “train simulator world 2020” which is pretty fun. They have the GWR railway which is right near where I grew up. Driving trains around in realtime is a pretty enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Final thoughts

For the most part the lockdown doesn’t make any big changes. It seems the routines and support are robust enough we can keep most things going. I am looking forward to a future where restrictions are lifted and life can return to normal. I am massively missing places like the cafe and bike park Wales.


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