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I turned 30 last week and my friends got together and brought me a new iPod Touch. I mentioned one in passing a few weeks ago and they had quietly taken notes on the exact model. Observant bunch!

This post covers my first impressions plus some of how I am using it.

Keeping it simple.

My friends joke that I’m a big five year old. It‘s not a terrible metaphor for how I react to things. It certainly applies to the iPod. It’s the device I use to escape from the adult world. I use it the same way lots of kids use theirs. I’d have loved one when I was younger!

In order to make sure it doesn’t get complicated my friends have applied restrictions to lock it down to three things.

1. Speech & AAC

Perhaps the most important role of the iPod touch is helping me to communicate.

It supports my favourite speech software (prollquo4text) and the chat system I use with carers (iMessage).

I haven’t installed telegram or any other chat tools as they tend to pull me into more serious chats. I’ve kept It focused on communication basics.

2. Intense interests / Learning

My intense interests make me happy. I have an entire home screen on the iPod dedicated to my mountain biking interest.

It’s where I do most of my mountain biking related research. It’s also where I am storing my lists and other documents.

It’s nice to have a dedicated space for my interests. A sort of hub where I can store things. It’s also super portable; I can look things up while out riding.

3. Media

The final way I am using it is for media. Things like YouTube. audiobooks, TV, movies and podcasts.

With only 32gb of storage it makes me prioritise the media I want. This is useful as it helps prevent me getting overwhelmed with choice.

Final thoughts

This is my third iPod touch. It was a wonderful choice for a present. I really needed an upgrade form the old device I was using.

It’s going to be a few weeks of use before I am ready to write a proper review. If your curious, i reviewed the last generation model a few years ago.


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