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We met with social services today. Specifically the mental health team. This was because the learning disabilities team ‘bounced’ my referral (their words not mine ;)).

Like in Harrow the mental health team has been lumped with autism support and the mental health nurse we met admitted early he didn’t know much.

He was helpful in that he was very aware it wasn’t the ‘right’ service but he said once a support package has been agreed there not a huge difference between the two. Mostly the difference is just which government pot funds it.

The assessment took about 90 minutes. Brief overview of me and my skills and challenges follows by a discussion of next steps.

It was certainly positive. He thinks that moving the support looks possible and he stated that a support package suitable for me to live alone will be quite large but worth it given my job etc.

None of this will happen before I am due to return to my flat on the 4th of January.

In the end I left my flat early as the burn out got to me last week. Multiple meltdowns in a row were not positive.

I am positive but not optimistic. Optimism implies and good and bad outcome. I don’t think that’s accurate. All the outcomes are good, some are just better in certain ways.

So going into 2016 the future is unsure. I am stable enough for now with a few weeks to rest and recharge before I return to work and the flat to start again.


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