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This week has been rather a large challenge. I came home to my flat in Harrow (where I live with support from a friend and a lovely "babysitter") a week ago after my operation and I didnt have speech.

Over the course of the week it just got worse. We have known for a while that Harrow was no longer a good place for me. When I lived with my Boyfriend and commuted to work it worked, just the right side of failure. However since then it’s been getting harder and harder to manage.

I have had amazing support from my friends and others. But at the end of the day, trying to live independenly for the first time 10-30 miles from people I know is a big ask and its not going to work out.

The plan is regroup, and try again. Today we did some flat hunting and found a little 1 bed flat just over half a mile from my friends house. Additionally a different friend works in the area plus both friends have family in the area who know me well.

We’re going to get the keys in about a week, then we will move my large items (bed etc) over that weekend. Then we can start a gradual transition and start finding support.

While I am a tad upset and frustrated this is a positive move. This has more chance of working. I am very glad we were able to see the issue and take steps to defuse before it went really wrong again.

This year has been hard, but there has also been some stagging achievements.

So, onwards! Same challenge, new place. Hopefully this time it will be a little easyier.


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