Managing Clothing: Living in PJs.

Stick with what i know!

Added on Saturday 08 October 16

Clothing is a hassle. I know the clothing i like and tend to wear it as much as i can. By keeping to a small set of consistent clothing, i reduce unneeded change and i am much calmer and happier.

My favourite items of clothing account for about 95% of what i wear on a day to day bases. Generally speaking i only wear my jeans when i am going outside and i change into PJs the moment i get home. I keep two pairs of 3/4 lengh jeans in rotation.

The PJ’s i like most are close fitting. The squeesing effect can be very calming and helps me to relax. I also like fun and interesting designs and find plain clothing pretty boring. Finally, for all the clothes mentioned, it’s easy to remove the labels or the they don’t have any labels to start with.

My favourties are:

  • John Lewis - they are getting a bit small now, but these are incredibilty comfortable, are super soft and last really well. I reviewed them last year.
  • Marks & Spencers - These close fit PJs are like the ones John Lewis sells, except the come in a larger size which is a bonus! They are also a little bit cheaper.
  • Popper Vests - Sometimes i strip off in my sleep. These popper vests are harder to take off and that stops me from waking up cold. As we go into winter, these will get more use and can also be used as a base layer on cold days. M&S recently started popper vests but they are a bit too small for me.
  • Threadless - Most of my tshirt come from threadless. They make lots of fun or geeky designs and they have a good price when delivered to the UK.

It’s very rare i need to do anything formal, so for the most part the PJs + tshirt combination works fine. I do down a formal shirt, but i only wear it when i must and even then, not for long.


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