Ditch the wardrobe for a bookcase.

Make managing laundry way easier.

Added on Sunday 08 November 15

Earlier this year we replaced my wardrobe with a bookcase and pre-sorted clothing.

Doing so has reduced my anxiety, made life a little simpler and has turned something I found chaotic into something simple and easy to managed.

How it works.

The basic idea is that wardrobes are really not very useful. They are an efficient use of space but they make selecting clothes harder than it needs to be.

I threw mine away and instead I have a bookcase from ikea.

The bookcase has a square slot labeled for each day of the week (the top 5) a slot for bedtime clothing and two slide out draws for storage.

Each week I pre-select my clothing and put it into the correct slot. For the weekends I have free choice (if i want it)

The rule is that the selected clothing is the default. If i want something else on the day thats allowed too.

How it helps.

It’s helps me in a number of ways.

It reduces anxiety by adding structure to something I found chaotic. No messy wardrobe, no piles of laundry. There are three valid locations for my clothing. In my bookcase, on me or in the laundry basket.

Clean clothing each day also means i am healthier, with no annoying smells because I’ve left it to long to change shirt.

It improves my independence by giving me a framework that I find easy to manage and also gives me a simple system I can easily outsource to someone supporting me if needed.

It won’t work for everyone but this technique works really well for me and I suspect it will work well for others too.


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