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Sleeping is believing…

Added on Sunday 26 August 18

It may sound odd, but my bed is probably the single most important thing in my home. If i had to choose between say my Bed and my Phone, i’d choose my bed in an instant.

By providing a platform for me to rest, feel safe and recharge my bed is the foundation of everything else. It’s the energy source which i tap for everything else in my life.

To than end optimising my sleep environment has been a ongoing project for well over 10 years. I’ve slept in bed tends or custom beds since i was about 14!

The most recent iterations have been a collaboration with the Tough Furniture company. About a month ago, i had my first night in the second version of our design!

Getting to bed 2.0

I first worked with tough furniture about ~2 years ago. I needed a new bed as my old bed was a bit of a safety hazard. It didn’t really work well unless someone else was around to help me lift the side. This wasn’t very helpful so we wanted to find something i could use with more autonomy.

Tough Furniture designed me a new bed. It still had sides, but they where solid and had dips to allow me to get in and out.

This bed was an instant success. It worked great. I was safe and enclosed (which helps me sleep) but i was also able to get in and out alone.

However, over the 2 years its been in use we’d spotted a few ways i could be improved.


The improvements we had in mind where pretty simple and luckily only required changing the bed sides and not the bed frame.

We made two changes:

  1. Viewing / Ventilation - the only bed got very hot and i was limited in room layout as i needed to be able to see the door. We added viewing and airflow slits to the bed to solve these issues.

  2. Handles - i can’t always feel my hands very well. This can make getting in and out of bed tricky. To make it easier, we added a couple of handles near the entrance dips for easy entry and exit.

So far.

The changes so far have been good. We changed the sides when i moved home and they fitted perfectly. During the heatwave i was able to use a fan to have enough cooling. The vision slots make viewing the door easy which has also helped my sleep in a new place.

Final thoughts.

The team at tough furniture are awesome. They have been really friendly and helpful. The bed itself is also incredibly strong and robust. It’s survived many a meltdown.

I mentioned before that my bed is really important. If it didn’t work then i’d have less energy to use and i’d probably fall out of employment. I certainly wouldn’t be having flying lessons!

To this end, i think my bed is perhaps the most important thing in my life and i am really glad that we have managed to evolve something which works so well.


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