Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Drink Beaker.

Possibly the best sippy cup in the world.

Added on Tuesday 13 October 15

I have written about using sippy cups and the like in one of the techniques, but wanted to write a separate review for my sippy cub of choice. Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Drink Beaker.

I don’t like normal cups. They get spilt, they tend to have a horrible texture and they are generally just not very nice. They take energy I don’t want to waste. I also like to have a drink in bed with me.

I have been using the explora cups for ages and ages. Probably since they came out. They are not perfect but they are the best I have found (and I have tried loads!).

Good Things.

First of all, they feel great in the hand and mouth. They are soft to touch and they have no sharp edges or hard edges. The flow rate is good enough for an adult, and they let air in as your drink so they don’t get harder to drink from as you drink. They are also pretty large (around 300ml) which is larger than most sippy cups but still not too heavy.

They are also really easy to buy as many places sell them. I have about 6 of these dotted around the place (i have a few at home, a few at friends etc) and we even found one in the Centre Parks supermarket when we needed one while on holiday.

This means they are super consistent. No matter where i am, if i have a choice of cup i can use these.

Because the cup is consistent so can my drink. I always fill it with ribena to the first handle bump. This is also the same weight all the time (65g) so when I am anxious and I use the scales, I can get it dead on. Same tasting drink every time.

If you don’t use the lid they make good normal cups too. I don’t always use the lid, and if i have guests i don’t use the lid either (unless they have spilled something before! In that case, they don’t get a choice!).

Bad Things.

The main bag thing is that they must be kept clean or they go horrible. My favourite drink is Banana Milkshake. If I have a milkshake from one of these sippy cups I need to make sure I clean it ASAP. Otherwise the little rubber seal goes horrible.

Finally, they are slightly harder to find that once were.


Things like cups are a very personal choice. But if your like me and a bit clumsy, like things which feel nice and treat the “recommended age” as a mere suggestion, these beakers are some of the best on the market.

Note: I know that using beakers is not good for my teeth. My feeling is the trade off works for me as the anxiety of spilling drinks etc is going to negatively effect me more than extra teeth brushing.


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