Safari Lion Sensory Toy (AKA: Dennis)

Bright, soft, a joy to cuddle and highly distracting. Awesome

Added on Monday 14 September 15

I was with a friend about a year ago and we went into Mothercare to buy some bedding.

I’ve been using the same design of bed sheets for a very long time and Mothercare occasionally stock them and I needed a spare.

At some point while wondering around the shop I picked up the safari lion sensory toy. When we got to the checkout I wasn’t inclined to put him back.

When I am anxious, spaced out or just plain bored this little toy is fantastic. He’s got a name, Mr Dennis Staction. (Mr D Straction)

Why Dennis Rocks.

I think Dennis is pretty much the perfect sensory toy because he has a bunch of good qualities:

He’s a mix of textures & his mane is made of crinkly material. Great for rubbing hands / face / nose against. When the mane is moved it makes a noise which is intensely satisfying.

He’s also large and a bit heavy. This makes him good for using as a weight. Because he is plump and round he hold his shape well when used as a base for other heavier objects.

When I am having the vague floaty feeling 10 minutes laying under Dennis works a treat.

Finally he is fun. Bright orange, colourful and with a massive smile. He’s developed quite the personality.

Dennis has a slightly more serious side too. He is a noise and texture I know which is very useful.

A few months ago I had an ultrasound and we wanted a distraction. A sensory experience I know so that I could focus on that not the weird gels and poking.

Dennis was perfect. He sat there crinkling away as the Dr scanned me. It was good really as they found the gall stones which has been giving me 10 months of pain equivalent to childbirth. Crikey.

Dennis is a fantastic toy and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I have purchased another one already for other people. That’s being sent too Australia for a blind friends of mine.


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