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Added on Monday 14 September 15

I’ve had my Hue smart lights for about a year now. My partner brought me the GU10 stater pack for my 25th birthday.

They have to be one of my favourite gadgets. Being light bulbs, I use them everyday but I actually USE them for so much more than just on and off.

They are smart lights controlled from my phone. Each of my ceiling lights are colour changing and then I have single colour hue Lux lamps in the corner of my bedroom and the lounge (the two rooms I spent 23+ hours a day occupying.)

For a more general overview, checkout the verges review of the hue system.

How i use them.

The Hue lights are useful for lighting. Here’s how they work for me.


I can be very light sensitive, but I also don’t like the dark much. The hue lights make a great purple light. I find purple to be good because I can see pretty well but the intensity is minimal.

I have created a few scenes which set the light up to be away from my bed / desk and very dim in a few different shades of purple.

I wonder if this may work for other people in the spectrum possibly not sign purple but another colour.

Light show with Goshes.

There an app called hue called goshes. It creates dynamic lighting scenes that vary and shimmer over time. This are extremely relaxing. Combined with a set of headphones / ear defenders and laying on my bed with lion they are superb for helping me to relax when I am anxious.

Control all the things…

The iOS app is good. But I have also been using a Mac app called Chroma. Chroma is a real well designed controller for hue. Extremely useful too. I use often use it to turn the lights on in the lounge I am am going to make a drink and it is dark.


I built a small projects to control my hue lights with a wireless Xbox controller. It works really well. I have hopes to also build another app or two this year where I can use hue to prompt me for routines. For example. Having it light up the bathroom (and only the bathroom) for 15 minutes before bedtime and after waking up in the morning.

aside from the main hue set I also have a pair of hue lux bulbs which only do a single colour I use these for soft diffuse light. I have them in lamp holders pointing up at walls and the ceiling. The hue lux dim down a long way so they make for a good nightlight.

Additionally, I can set timers in the hue app. So I will sometimes set timers so the Lux in my bedroom will stay on for a hour after I head to bed but won’t be on all night waking me up or wasting electricity.

In the future I hope to buy the hue tap light switch too. This will mean I can fit it into my bed and control the lights when I am too spaced out for my phone or the Xbox controller.


I think the hue are great. They are not cheap, but they do seem good value. The hue Lux (at £25 each) are a bargain it’s just a shame the bridge you need to control them only comes with the full starter set (or eBay).

I look forward to experimenting more with them in the future.


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