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Added on Saturday 19 August 17

To celebrate my birthday last week a group of friends, the lion and me went to a showing of the film Finding Nemo at the Natural History Museum. The movie was held as part of their Movie Nights event.


I traveled to the event with my friends on the tube. The tube was pretty horrible, as normal, but i did okay. Before the movie we got dinner in a place called honest burgers. I ended up doing some colouring as a bit of distraction. The staff didn’t seem to mind :)

We then walked around to the Queens entrance to the NHM. We lined up there for a while and where let in about 7pm. The line was along the road so a bit noisy at times but not to bad. My ear defenders helped lots.

After the NHM opened we where led through the Darwin building. It is VERY cool with lots of things in jars to look at.

The security guards where nice. We where directed towards the main Heinz hall where seats where setup and a screen.

Tour Guides.

The very first person i spoke too was awesome. To start off with, i was calm enough to be verbal. The chap i spoke too (a marine biologist!) was extremely nice and knew lots and lots of facts about the building and the objects.

I spent about 20-30 minutes chatting to him and he didn’t mind. I had my ear defenders on and was very very bouncy and excited.

He was very patient with me when i got excited.

Seeing the dinosaurs.

Sadly we where not allowed to go see Sofia. However, the rest of the dinosaur gallery was open.

I’ve been through the gallery a few times before so nothing was very new. However, it was the first time i have been through the gallery pretty much on my own! There was only about 10 people in the entire gallery!

It was amazing. Super calm and quiet.

After that we walked around the Mammal gallery and got some photos with Lion on one of the Antelope displays. The security guard was super nice and let me climb up a little to get a good photo with lion.

From that point on lion stayed out for the rest of the evening.

The film.

After our tour of the galleries i was super bouncy and we returned to the hall for the film. I got a drink and a small tub of sweets.

The film we saw was Finding Nemo. Before the main film was a little film about Clown Fish and it was pretty funny. Mostly because it was pretty blunt about some of the sexual things fish do… In real life… Nemo’s Dad would have turned into a female and started mating with Nemo…. Erm, eww.

The specimens they had also looked very disturbing. Certainly not something to take kids too.

The main film was very good. Its one of my favourite films anyway so i knew what to expect. The sounds was pretty loud and i was varying between wearing ear defenders and not.

Towards the end of the film i was finding it hard to sit still and stay on the chair. I needed a damn good flap. In the end i left my chair and sat on the floor towards the back. It was much more comfortable. I can’t fall of a floor so that helps when i am getting tired.

After the film showing i chatted with the technical people and they where very nice. They explained their approach and the kit they where using. It was super interesting.

Final thoughts.

The movie night at NHM was great fun. It was very autism friendly and the time to explore the galleries was amazing. Everyone i spoke too was understanding and calm and didn’t mind if my speech was unreliable or if i was super excitable.

The event is not cheap (£28!) but i think it is great value. I hope i can go to something similar in the future.


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