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Added on Tuesday 31 March 20

Over the last few weeks the whole world has been rather busy dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The day to day impact on everyone has been huge. Most people have had to go through a huge change in routines. For me the change in routines has wiped out my energy levels. I have half as much energy as i used to have for twice as much sleep.

Here are 2 bits of tech and 2 tools i am using to help me navigate the situation and establish new routines.

AAC Proloquo4Text / Telegram

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Not a new tool as such, but as my energy has decreased my speech has been even less reliable. I am now using AAC more often with friends at home. I use an app called Proloquo4Text to take my written words and turn it into speech.

Having effective communication is key. It empowers me to make decisions about my life.

Along with AAC i am also making more use of text based chat systems. All of the folks who support me are part of a chat room on telegram. It’s where we stay in touch with each other during the day and organise things.

Downtime Devices.

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Part of making the most of my spoons is to clearly demarcated what time is for work, and what time is for resting. Letting them blur consumes a lot of energy and generates a lot of guilt.

I’ve got dedicated devices for working and resting. My iPhone is used for work (along with my Mac) so i use my iPod and iPad mini for non work things.

The iPod is mostly used in the evening in my bed. It’s full of audiobooks, videos and has access to iPlayer etc. We have locked out most of the apps on the iPad. This is so I don’t spend all night reading BBC News getting more stressed.

The iPad mini is being used for wiriting (like this!) web browsing and social media. It’s working really well at my desk with a magic keyboard and Magic Trackpad attached.


Image 3 1

One of the tools i have started using again is my Buggy. I reviewed it a few years ago, but essentially its a really large off road buggy designed for small adults and big children.

It’s been in storage a while as it’s not been needed. However we got it out of storage and set it up in my room last weekend.

It’s not being used for transport, instead it acting as a sensory isolation pod. I can climb inside, pull the hood down and hide away from noise and light. It’s private, comfortable and feels very safe.

It’s the most energy efficient place for me to decompress. I can sit in it for hours without it using many spoons at all.

Sippy Cups

IMG 2526

Much like the buggy, i had been using sippy cups and beakers less. I was using them for around half of my drinks before the virus and were using them for 90% of my drinks.

I am using NUK bottles with the sippy cup spout. They are cheap, easy to clean and robust.

I am being way more clumsy at the moment and cleaning up spilled drinks takes a lot of energy. We didn’t specifically decide to use the sippy cups more, it just sort of happened in response to me being a bit more wobbly on my feet.

Final thoughts.

None of the tech & tools i am using are new, but i am using them more or in different ways. With such limited energy i need to make the most of what i have and the tech and tools


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