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Added on Thursday 10 September 15

I really like measuring things. I enjoy precision in day to day things and my folding scales are one of my favourite possessions.

For me, measuring things helps to turn something which makes me worry, into something which gives me some pride and enjoyment.

An example would be measuring squash. I drink most of my drinks from the same bottle and it has a capacity of 900 ml. The squash says to mix it 1:4 so therefore it need 180 ml of squash. It happens, that 180 ml of Ribena, weighs 180 g so I use my scales to measure my squash. It is really enjoyable and reassuring.

I measure lots of things and use a set of Joseph and Joseph Tri-Fold scales.

What I like.

Like most things Joseph and Joseph make the scales are very well designed. They are very smart, very modern and very smooth. They feel nice in the hand and they feel very strong and robust. In the folded position they take very little space in the cupboard or my bag.

Because the fold up small, I often take them with me. This means I can have precision squash in the office or when visiting friends. A nice bit of consistency.

Another aspect of the design is the colour. I like big bold colours and my scales are bright green. Love it.

I got the scales for half price so they were only £15 which also feels like a very good price. I am not sure I would buy them for £30, but given the alternatives I would be very tempted.

What I don’t like.

The scales broke a few months after I brought them. For a while they didn’t close properly because something inside got jammed. We manage to fix them eventually but it took a while. If i had paid full price, i would have been very upset.


These little scales really are great. I would happily recommend them to anyone, but the portability makes them ideal for someone who likes to measure things on the go.


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