John Lewis Boys Print Pyjamas

Bright, Soft and some have dinosaurs on. These are awesome!

Added on Thursday 10 September 15

I’m not a huge fan of trousers or anything covering my legs. It’s something I really don’t like. I’m very happy to wear my 3/4 length shorts all year around. However, sometimes thats get a bit cold, and other times I dont wan’t to wear jeans, so for then I need PJ bottoms.

My preference is for bright, soft, snug and comfy clothing. I don’t like boring brown clothing and I dont like clothing which is full of tags.

While wondering around John Lewis near Christmas we came across a few sets of PJ’s in the sales. The set includes a top & some bottoms. The tops are really cool (the set which caught my attention the first time has a large submarine on the top, but my current favorites are dinosaur themed) but its been the bottoms which i have worn the most. While technically childrens clothing, they seem to fit okay. The bottoms say they are for a 28" waist but my 31" waist seems to fit just fine.

Overall, these are my favourite bottoms for wearing at home. They have filled the gap between wearing nothing and sitting under a duvert or wearing my jeans.

From a spacey perspective i think they rock. They are fun, have the right sensory profile and they are well priced. Two sets of the PJ’s cost around £20 and they seem to be extremely well made. I liked them so much that a few months after i brought them, we brought a few more sets so i would have a stockpile.

The exact prints i have are no longer on sale, but they have new prints. These have Astronaughts on them! If your sensitive to clothing and looking for something which is suitable for those who are more sensitive i would recommend these.


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