Ooo. It tingles.

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Over the last week or so my injury has changed a bit. In order to find out more we went to the GP and then visited the hospital.

The good news is that the Drs have ruled out an injury, cancer, STDs, infections etc.

The bad news is we have confirmation that whatever is happening is progressive. It’s starting to effect more of my spine and I’m loosing some reflexes in my legs.

Hope for the best.

It’s possible this is more or less just some lag from the illness back in February. Something happened then which is just starting to show up. The major new symptom being very odd leg tingles.

The tingles are weird as heck and quite strange to live with but I can work around them.

It we’re lucky, it might stop here and we can continue to make stuff work much the same way we have done before.

Prepare for the worse.

All the scary things are likely to be diagnosed after it’s got much worse. We’re past the point where we can wait for something to be ‘confirmed’ before I start taking action.

We can start to picture what could happen and make some sensible preparations.

Nothing dramatic, just taking the steps required to make sure we have what we need should it be needed.

So here’s my plan…

The first focus is making the most of what I can do now. I’m going to start prioritising a monthly adventure. Go ride my bike in Scotland / Wales and beyond. Maybe get myself to Disneyland. There’s no benefit to waiting.

The second focus is technology. I’m going to invest in some eyegaze tech and learn how to use it. Get ahead of the curve on that one. Just incase I need it in the future.

The third focus is environment. Start working out how I’d arrange support and how we’d approach the layout of my flat. Start getting stuff in place now.

These things can all benefit me in the short term. While also establishing the tools I need if things get harder. I don’t loose out by thinking about this now.

Final Thoughts

Over the next few weeks there’s a lot more doctor chats to have. At this point we don’t see a clear answer but we can see a trend.

I’m much happier to face down and plan for the scary stuff now, rather than try and wish it all away. It’s active and it puts me in control of the process.

I’m excited about the future again. It’s time to crack on and make it happen.


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