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I am slowly finding ways to get back to doing things I enjoy. We’re doing things in new ways, but more often than not the new ways a not a million miles different to how we did stuff before. The main changes are around the tools we use.

Last weekend I had a pretty fun adventure to go visit the farm shop. We’ve been visiting the shop a few times a month for years but this was my first visit since my injury in February.

It’s sorta funny how everything is different but also much the same. It’s not a trip I’ve ever made alone. Even before my injury I couldn’t have got there and back safely. At the weekend Wookie took me as he needed to visit the farm shop anyway :)

The farm shop is a short drive from my flat. I had a wobbly weekend so we took the VW Sharon people carrier (aka intrepid 2) and I used an adapted harness & seat.

It’s a comfy setup. They work together to keep me upright and prevent pain as we go around corners. Sometimes it annoys me, but for the most part I like the snugness. It’s a good sensory experience.

Once we got there wookie undid the harness and I transferred myself to the red buggy. It’s was pretty clunky. Combination of wobbly legs and faffing with the belts etc.

The farm shop was one of the places we had in mind when we went looking for a better buggy. I can’t walk enough to go all the way around but I can walk a bit so the buggy gives us options. I can hop on and out as needed. It also provides a safe feeling enclosed environment.

We wondered around the shop for a while and it went really smoothly. I could see plenty form the buggy and could choose things I wanted. The buggy fits quite nicely down all the aisles and wookie said it’s easy enough to push. Easier than a trolly.

Next time I go I will probably take some sunglasses. The overhead lights in the shop are quite bright and I am just reclined enough they get in my eyes.

After the shop we headed back to the car. On the way home back we stopped to feed some ducks and geese.

It’s a pretty lovely way to spend a Sunday morning! I really enjoyed being able to choose things for myself. The buggy was really comfy and I felt really relaxed and safe.

I am making progress with my walking. It’s very slow. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve just got it keep going and see where I end up. It would definitely be nice to walk around the farm shop in the future but in the mean time I’m glad we have the right tools.

It’s simple. It’s not exactly the super independent and autonomous trip out that someone else might crave. But it’s a really good start. I can build up from here and we can see what the future holds.


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