Trying a Trotter Mobility Chair

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For the last 6 months or so my buggy has been rather useful. I can walk a bit, but not very far. When we take the buggy I can hop in and out as needed. It’s safe, secure and comfortable to sit in all day.


The main downside is that it’s very bulky and clunky. It can’t physically fit into many of the places I’d like to go.

With this in mind we’ve been looking around for something more flexible. Something which would work for a quick 10-15 minute trip into a smaller space like the local farm shop.

We know that sitting upright is very painful, so we needed something which had a titled base and a reclined back.

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After finding a few different options we ended up ordering a ‘Trotter Mobility Chair’. It’s sort of the hallway point between a large stroller style pushchair and a folding wheelchair.

I don’t love how it looks, but it also doesn’t cause as much grief as other options. If it works well then I will need to find ways to make it more friendly.

One of the main reasons we choose the Trotter was cost and stock. At £400 it’s around half the cost of the other options and we where able to order it online with speedy deliver.

I am quite excited about it. It offers us something new and novel. It also offers me a way to get more data so I can better understand the relationship between my sitting position and my pain levels.

It arrives in a few days and I can’t wait to try it. Even if it doesn’t work it gives me more information which I can use to help me decide what to try next.


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