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I’m in the process of getting back to work. I have the health, stability, productivity and autonomy I need… but there’s lots of room for iteration and refinement.

One of the areas I’ve been keen to improve is my ‘work environment’. For the foreseeable future I will be doing a lot of my work from a laying down position in bed along with almost everything else I do. It’s too painful to sit up for any extended amount of time, so I will be constantly swapping between bed and desk.

I don’t want to work in the place I sleep as I run the risk of everything blurring together. So today I’ve been working on my ‘not bed’. A place I can lay down during the day which isn’t my bed, but Is just as comfortable and productive.

I’ve got a spare mattress, so I’ve put it down on the floor beside my desk. The floor isn’t ideal as Its a long way down and it feels a little exposed. If the position works I’ll find a better solution, but for now I’m using a duvet to provide a little cover so I feel safer. Long term i’ll sort out a way to enclose the mattress. That way I can work without any covers and I can reserve bedding just for bedtime.

For position, I’ve copied my pillow arrangement from bed. I’m in more or less the same position so it should be comfy long term. I’ll try a few different mattresses.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far. I’ll see how it works over a few days and then can iterate and improve. Once I know what is effective I can then sort out some furniture to make it easier.

Longer term I want to get further away from my room. Perhaps something which I can setup in the lounge or even at a friends house. However for now, anywhere apart from my bed is a good first step.

If I can keep the pain in check then I can remain cheerful. That’s the largest barrier to my future, if I loose my cheerful personality to pain then it won’t matter much where I work. I won’t be Jamie anymore.


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