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I have recently been working out the day to day logistics of life. Looking at what things i need to consider in order to have an effective daily routine on the days when i don’t have support available.

It seems the biggest factor i need to consider is where i sit and for how long. I need to be sitting comfortably or i end up getting overwhelmed with the brain fog. If i am comfortable the brain fog clears around an hour after i sit down.

In order to be productive i need to minimise the number of times i get up and down each day, and make sure that once i am sat down, i stay set for multiple hours to ensure i get out of the 60 minute brain fog window.

With the furniture i have now, that means sitting in either the little buggy at my desk, or in the big buggy in the lounge. My bed is more comfortable, but i need to reserve it for decompression and sleeping.

I have a week of low support this week, so i’m going to start experimenting. To try and make the experiments useful, i need to keep things consistent.

My plan is to split the day into three “buggy sits”. Each sit lasts around 3 hours. I can sit in either buggy but the key thing is that i stay put for the full three hours. Enough time for the fog to pass.

Roughly speaking, i think i can make this work from 9am till noon, noon to 3pm , then 3pm till 6pm. In between the sits i can get up and sort out drinks / food etc. I’ll also time my ADHD meds so i have meds active in my system for most of the time i am in a buggy.

It’s not ideal. I am more of less taking a long haul flight everyday. However its simple and i can repeat it. If this works well, i should have 4-6 useful hours each day where i can work or play. Thats much better than the current situation where i muddle through the day with brain fog and don’t get much done at all.

While this is new, the general idea isn’t new. I just have to account for more variables than i used too. Hopefully by managing my seating first each day, i can then establish a useful foundation to build on.


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