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I think the last 48 hours or so may represent the most abrupt mental health transformation I’ve ever experienced. From the edge of a breakdown, to unbridled joy.

Quite literally, cycling has saved me from a imminent breakdown. My awesome friends and 3 wonderful adaptive cycling experts came together and delivered freedom.

Getting out the door

For the last few months the barrier has been my front door. I haven’t been able to get outside without help. My friends have been amazing at taking me out in the buggy, but I couldn’t do it alone. This fact had left me feeling utterly trapped and out of control of my life. A huge amount of effort each day was spent on managing the emotions without collapsing.

That’s all changed now. I have a little pashly trike with a funny seat and I can go outside anytime I like. Rain or shine. It lives by the door. The feel of being out of control slipped away instantly.

On the first day I had it I rode it 10km. That’s a really realllllly long way to ride a fixed speed playground trike. It took multiple hours. It was perfect.

It gives me independent access to the world outside my door. It’s covered in bags so I can ride it to my friends house or storage to pick up and drop things off, I can ride it to get food. Or ride it just for the joy of enjoying some exercise. It’s fantastic.

Delivering adventure

The pashley is wonderful. But it’s not practical for anything other than the shortest rides.

For practical transport I’ve brought a wonderful recumbent tricycle knows as ‘ICE Adventure HD”. Or the “F1 deckchair” as we nick named it.

I’ve hard it barely 2 days and I’ve already ridden it around 20km. It’s a wonderful beast of a thing. Capable of as much gravel and trail riding as I can throw at it.

It delivers the same adventure I used to get from mountain biking, but in a way works better for my body. Adventure I can share with friends.

Saving my sanity.

I was slowly loosing the fight against my body. A serious and very rapidly deadly eating disorder was setting in where the loss of control was so intense that I was fighting my body to drink fluid.

A pretty scary situation. It was brought to the end by the wonderful people who have helped us. They are Neil at Get Cycling, Oliver at London Recumbents and Kevin at D.TEK.

The drs saved my life medically, but my friends and the wonderful folks above saved my life emotionally. They equipped me with the tools to get outside and have adventures.

I am excited about the future. There is so much left to explore and enjoy.


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