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A short post today. I am pretty excited at the moment. I’ve got extremely lucky speaking to multiple friendly people in the recumbent cycling world and tomorrow I am off to go trike shopping!

We have a plan. Essentially, the first part of the plan is to pick up a playground style fixed speed trike

It’s my baseline. I’ve test ridden it and with the special short cranks we know I can pedal it. I am also trying it with a special seat so I can stay upright with less effort.

This trike will live either outside my front door or in my lounge. I should be able to ride it to places near my home. For example, cycling to a friends house to drop something across. Maybe even up to a local park for a lap. I may even be able to ride it indoors so I can access things like my storage locker.

It’s not the best bike. It’s slow and uncomfortable. However it’s in stock and we know it works even if it doesn’t work for long. I can access it independently. It enables me to get outside anytime I want which will do wonders for my mental health.

The other benefit is that it’s pretty cheap. At £575 it’s a quarter of the cost of the next cheapest option and almost 1/20th the cost of the ‘recommended’ option.

It buys me time to experiment and learn. If I stop using it in the future then it also makes for a great donation to a local special school where the kids can ride it for decades.

That’s the first trike tomorrow. The one I am commitment to buying whatever happens.

The second trike is very different! A modern recumbent very similar to what i rode earlier in the week. It’s second hand but sold by the same dealers as the pashley. They found it for me and it’s only covered 300-400 miles since new. It’s just about bedded in!

It’s my first recumbent and something I could take out for an all day ride with suitable support. It’s not something I can use alone anytime soon, but it enables adventure. It’s the start of something.

It’s expensive at £2000 so I am buying it as a group purchase with some friends. It fits us all so we’re going to buy it and see what happens.

As a bonus, later in the week I may also get a go on a different option again. If that’s more suitable, then we have options in the future to trade things around. The folks helping me out are being amazing. Supporting me to find the right option.

While it’s expensive, this experience is key. These are tools which matter to me. Delivering some independence and adventure. They make me happy and support my recovery.

I am so excited for how these bikes will change my life. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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