My first trike adventure!

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Yesterday was an amazing day. Absolutely the best day of the year. Maybe even the best day of the pandemic.

Yesterday we visited the lovely folks at London Recumbents and tried 4 different trikes. The first two worked. I could move, but the pain was very very high.

Then I went on a recumbent trike. It was instantly good. I cycled away and spent the next few hours riding around and exploring the park with Oli.

It was wonderful. A surreal experience. The biggest source of grief for me has been loss of cycling. The biggest source of anxiety is feeling trapped in my flat.

Within a few pedal strokes, I was back to my old self. For a few hours my impairment didn’t matter. The recumbent trike just worked and I was a cyclist again.

I have an escape now. I can go back and hire the recumbent any time I’d like. I’m going to try and order one for myself too, but it’s going to be a very very long time till it arrives. In the mean time I am probably going to buy one of the cheaper painful trikes. Just to get me outdoors again.

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