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It’s been a busy week, there’s so much I could write about so here are some of the highlights!

Riding a bike (kinda)

After slowly building up in stages I finally managed to ride a bike yesterday. I’ve been building the bike for a few weeks. Ive designed it to have a nice and strong standing position so I don’t need to lean forward to much. I started by rolling and working out how to stop. Then slowly build to a few pedal strokes and a coast.

It hurt. It hurt a lot. But it’s something I can build on. The pain is worth it. Pushing through the pain is how I build the strength I need to achieve my bike riding goals

Park adventures.

On Saturday I went to the park with friends. We fed the ducks and we found an awesome adapted swing. I loved it so much i went back again on Monday with a different friend!

These sorts of adventures are pretty epic. They are perfect for the buggy. It was lovely to be out in the sun

Trikes & Recumbents

Another area I am explore is cycling in general. I’m a long way off being able to ride a mountain bike all day. So we’re looking at other ways I could get out under my own pedal power. Some sort of trike or recumbent.

We’ve been chatting to various places and I am making two trips in the next few weeks to try out a wide range of different trikes and bikes to see what I enjoy.

This will probably happen in two stages. With a basic trike sorted out in the next few weeks, and something more advanced in 6-12 months time.

District nurse / Wheelchair Assessment / Hand Rails

The various medical services are also progressing. We’ve met the district nurse who is helping us sort out a more suitable mattress, we have a wheelchair assessment next week to start of the wheelchair side of things (many, many emotions!) and we also have someone visiting next week in order to fit a big handrail in the bathroom.

These three things should all help with my independence and recovery.

The next major test the drs want to perform is to test my nerve function. It won’t be a fun afternoon but it will give a complete picture of what is going on.


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