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We met the OT today for the first time. It went really well and we have a good idea for what to focus on and when.

While the OT was here I toe walked around the flat. He described my movement using the rather wonderful phrase ‘SpiderManning’

SpiderManning is when I confidently bounce around my environment. I tend to use my hands on walls / door frames / furniture and it’s really flowy. It looks a lot like how spider-man flies down the street on webs. It’s well controlled and relying on experience and Rhythm rather than thinking about each transition.

I think this is the first new skill I have developed since my injury. Moving around my home with some confidence makes it much much easier to be independent.

It feels like a meaningful achievement and something I didn’t expect so soon.

SpiderManning is perhaps not the safest method of moving around but it’s by far the most fun. It’s a useful tool as I work out how to make the most of life.


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