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A few days ago I went to see a dr who diagnosed me with a spinal cord injury known as cauda equina syndrome.

It’s the reason why I’ve found it very hard to walk, stand & sit up recently.

We’re doing intense physio to see what I can relearn. It’s going to be a long process over many years.

My brain is a big jumble still.

The lens I find most cheerful is to imagine I’ve been sent back to being a toddler and need to redo my toddler years.

I like the toddler lens because it is funny, bright, colourful and hopeful. It’s not clinical. A friend suggested it after watching the way I move. It’s a useful lens, it a gives a nice basic framework for what to do and how to change my flat and setup my routines.

I don’t know if it’s a good lens or not. It might be insulting to some people or perhaps it’s simplifying the situation to much. But right now I like it. It’s a gentle lens for me. Everything Is less scary this way.


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