Sitting up is tricky.

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I’ve written a lot about my legs recently. I can’t walk much at the moment.

However the difficultly which might end up being more impactful is I find it very hard to sit up too. This mostly effects me when I am sat in chairs or some other location where I don’t have anything to lean on. My desk chair and the sitting in the car are good examples. It also means I can’t ride a normal trike or bike even if I can balance the thing.

This feels like it might be most impactful because it makes some of the solutions for the walking issues impractical.

I can’t use a regular wheelchair, I just get too tired and flop over. I find it hard to go in the car for more than a short journey as I fall over going around corners. I also can’t use the mobility scooters present in places like supermarkets, the jerky movement means I fall out.

We are finding solutions. For example, Mike made me a chair with a harness. It uses a supportive bucket seat from a kit car and then a harness to hold me in place.

We also find the buggy very effective. Outside of my bed it is the most comfortable place in my life. It holds me at just the right angle and i can’t fall out. It feels very snug, safe and secure. Using the buggy I can go some places, but it’s large. So the options are a bit limited.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take. It seems to be a combo of weakness and control. The muscle is there, I just can’t seem to control it very well.

We’re going to explore things like car seating / harnesses and maybe see if we can build / buy / adapt a wheelchair or sometype. Mostly I am just hoping it starts to heal itself so we only need these tools for a brief time.


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