The mountain path

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It’s been a few weeks since I was ill and I am settling into my recovery.

It’s sort of like walking towards a mountain in thick fog. I’ve noticed that the path has been getting steeper for a while. However the fog has cleared slightly and I am getting brief glimpses of the mountain ahead and it’s huge.

I just need to keep following the path as the path isn’t so steep. But the mountain looming in the fog is pretty distracting and imposing.

Some days I want to go quickly so I get to the top faster. Other days I want to go slow and enjoy it, before it gets too steep.

I have to follow the path and climb the mountain. Lots of different friends walk parts of it with me. The path is well marked and clear. Many people have followed it.

But ultimately, I’m starting to realise, that I am the only person making the whole journey. It’s both immensely joyful for my friends to be with me. But also crushingly lonely.

It’s a journey I must make and I don’t always know if I can.


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