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As we come up in a year since the first lockdown I figured now would be a good time to capture my pandemic goals into a blog post.

I didn’t do so well with the first lockdown. I tried to work through the lockdown even tho I had lost the support and environment I needed to do so. In the end it took me 5 weeks off work to recover. Whoops.

With the current lockdown / ongoing pandemic I’ve reset my goals somewhat.

My main goal is to leave the current lockdown healthy and with all the essentially demands met. I’m mindful of my autonomy and productivity, but those goals are secondary. Coming out in a good position to do a gentle restart is the main goal.

I’m not trying to maintain the various life goals I had before the pandemic. Especially goals relating to my work. I consider any work I get done a bonus and wherever possible I’ve pushed demands back till later in the year.

I’m painfully aware how lucky I am to have a flexible employer. However i think this is l a good goal for most people. Avoiding burnout safeguards a productive future.

I need to fight the internal voice which says these goals are too basic or ‘not good enough’. I’m trying not to compare myself to other people. My context for things like support and environment are very different.

That about it really for this post. I am looking forward to one day writing the post about the end of the pandemic. We’re not there yet, but it feels like it’s slowly getting there.


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