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Over the last year I’ve really got into watching things on YouTube. It’s been one of my pandemic coping patterns I guess.

Here is a quick list of my favourite YouTube channels and why I love them.

This Old Tony

This Old Tony (TOT, to his fans) is a machinist and maker. His channels covers lots of making but also the odd bit of motorcycle repair. His videos have a wonderful humour to them which I greatly enjoy.

Battleship New Jersey

I never knew how interesting battleships could be until I started watching the work of Ryan Szimanski and his team. His in depth knowledge about the Battleship New Jersey is both engaging, but also delightfully human.

It’s clear Ryan isn’t a professional presenter, but if anything that makes his videos more human and enjoyable. It’s also been a pleasuring seeing him find his own style over the months.


Along similar lines to Battleship new Jersey except Drachinifel covers the history of dozen of ships, submarines and other vessels. The videos have a great balance of brevity and depth…. Well most… sometimes he gets a bit into a subject and a 5 minute video lasts for 15… normally its better for it.

Alongside the ship information in a deep dive into technology such as naval armour and naval guns. I learnt a lot from his videos this year and I always get excited when i get notified he’s released something new.


GMBN is the “global mountain bike network” though is appears to mostly be focused on the UK and USA. The channel is really well put together. The stars of the cast are Blake (who makes great how to videos), Niel (who’s full of wisdom) and Doddy (who’s a tech wizard). The videos really inspire me to get out and ride or to tackle new types of maintenance on my bikes.

Seth’s Bikes Hack / Berm Peak

Seth has been making video videos for years. This year things really changed when he brought a massive plot of land and build his own bike park. It’s been entertaining and educational to watch him build the trails, but it’s also been fun seeing him build out his garage and work spaces.

Seth is a natural presenter and I really enjoy his work.

Final thoughts

The YouTubers above are all inspiring in their own ways. It’s also made me tempted to explore a YouTube channel of my own sometime. Will have to see what happens in 2021.


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