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As 2020 comes to an end I figured now would be a good time to reflect on the last year. Here’s a bit of a sitrep on life at the end of 2020.

Daily life

Daily life is going pretty well. We have stable routines which are helping to keep everything flowing.

I have the same routine each week. Between Friday and Monday I have an evening support routine. Make sure I eat, wash, etc. Keeping on top of daily tasks.

Between Tuesday and Thursdays I have more intensive support. I have one full day of social care support (shopping, exercise, laundry, medical stuff etc) and two days of access to work (lots of focus to get work done!)

I am working okayishly from my bedroom. The redesign to a bedroom studio has helped.

All in things are stable and sustainable. I pretty much only leave the house for exercise and shopping, so the effects of lockdown are quite limited.


Considering I barely leave the house, 2020 has been great for adventures.

During my support day each week we go out for exercise. Often going for a bike ride. I also sometimes manage a solo rides to the lake and back or I go with my flatmate.

In the last year I’ve cycled over 1000 miles and burnt more than 100,000 calories doing exercise. Along the way I’ve lost around 7kg of weight and my fitness has improved considerably. I’m going into 2021 fitter than ever.

The key to making the most of the limited exercise time was to invest in good tools. Ensuring we can go for an adventure with as much autonomy and with as few barriers as possible.

To help with adventures / shopping etc we purchased a small truck. It’s old and battered but it’s wonderful. It’s really made it easier to get out and do things.

Over the last year I’ve also built several bikes. I currently have one bike suited for local rides around the lakes near my home. And a second bike which is setup to be extremely safe and forgiving for when I ride more technical mountain bike trails.

Both bikes are excellent at what they do and when combined with the truck enable me to make the most of the small amount of supported exercise time I get each week squeezed in amount everything else.

The future

For 2021 my goals are modest. The first goal is to maintain my fitness. Ensuring that I remain physically healthy so I can get back to normal when the pandemic ends.

I’m also keen to build on stability in 2021. The routines and support I have now are very effective and I’d like to find ways to refine and develop them.

2020 has been a bizarre year with many challenges. I’m hoping that 2021 will be a little less exciting!


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