The perils of coping mode.

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“I’m coping, up and down. You?” Is pretty much how I’ve answered the question “how are you” for the last few months.

Coping kinda sounds okay. After the lockdown knocked out my support we had coped. Found little work arounds.

The issue is coping mode really isn’t sustainable for long. In the moment it feels amazing. I had energy to go ride my bike most days. Fittest I’ve been in years. The highs where great.

But the lows caught up with me. It all kinda fell apart last week. The stress finally won and I ended up with daily meltdowns.

Luckily coping mode lasted just about as long as needed. It fell apart just as my routines could restart.

I blogged a few days ago about our reboot plan. Restarting all my routines and stuff. One of the key things for that plan is we are trying to avoid coping mode as much as possible.

Aiming for chilled and slightly derpy Jamie. Not absolutely-on-it-and-coping Jamie.

There is a little bit of Sadness. In the moment coping mode feels amazing. But I also know it can’t last and I need to plan for the long term. If I don’t plan for the long term. There won’t be a long term.

Beware. The perils of coping.


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