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As we head into the forth week of lockdown we’re starting to find a routine that works.

In this post I want to share our plans for the week ahead and ways we’re trying to improve the new routine.

Fewer active hours

During the self isolation week I didn’t have as much support as normal. My sleep and waking cycle shifted. It ended up working rather well.

I woke up at 12-1pm and was active till 6pm. I then fell asleep between 7pm and 10pm.

I still had four spoons each day, but they where spread over fewer active hours. Having six really good hours rather than twelve slow and difficult hours.

This seems to work well. So much so we are going to move my ‘morning’ routine to lunch time and see if that makes things even smoother.

Support + Exercise!

I was finally able to do some exercise today!

We’ve been able to restart a few parts of my normal routine and Oli came across to do a support visit. We kept to social distancing rules. Oli did a shop for us and then took me for a bike ride.

Oli’s visit is good because it gives my friends some rest bite. It also gives me some time where I have more autonomy. A little bit of normality!

The local bike route around the park is no longer flooded so I am hoping I can ride along there more often. If my health stays good maybe I can ride down there twice a week.


I haven’t been able to work much the last few weeks. I am hoping I can get more work done this week. It feels good to be productive. I like it when I can help people.

That’s all for now. I’m feeling optimistic about the week ahead. I hope everyone else has a really great week.


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