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I’m writing this in March 2020. It’s been a rather eventful month. The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has the world on lock down.

Ironically, the lockdown isn’t so bad itself. I don’t leave the house all that much anyway. What has been a big issue is the complete collapse of my standard routine.

In a nutshell, all the support folks who did my daily routine either can’t travel to us or are unwell.

For the last week since the lockdown started we have been doing our best, but it’s getting tricky. Right now I’m out of routine so much I am sleeping 12-14 hour a day in order to get around half the energy I used to have.

It’s not enough energy to maintain my independence, work or autonomy. My speech is also becoming even less reliable.

We need to build a new routine. Something that can work for a few months till life can get back to normal.

This is hopefully the first in a series of blog posts (maybe even videos) documenting what we’re doing and how it is going.

The next update will share the basic plan and some of the initial techniques we’re planning to use!


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