A damn good day off!

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Life been really busy recently. With some big changes (like getting an autie flat mate) and a bunch of small changes such as my work and support arrangements. I’ll write about them all eventually.

However today’s been very different. Today’s been my first proper day off in about 2 months.

I don’t have any pending events to prepare for. I don’t have any work stuff I should be doing. I’ve even finished all of my critical side business work.

Last night a friend stayed over and today I’ve been home alone. I stayed in my PJs all day and mostly watched YouTube, did some fun coding stuff and generally hid in my bedroom.

It’s been lovely. It’s reminded me how much my work impacts my day to day ability. The cost of always being aware of the next thing / event / deadline is surprisingly high.

Today I’ve floated around pretty derpy and spaced out and it’s been really good. Warm comfy PJs and lots of time in bed listening to videos while buried in a pile of plushie’s and sensory toys. I have support booked for this evening and freinds nearby. It’s good to relax when I know I don’t have to be as prepared as I normally am.

It kinda reminds me that I need to slow down more. Taking time to be autie, bouncy and enjoying fun sensory things. Keeping things simple. Building more time where I can just be myself and not have to be prepared to leave the flat at any moment.

Perhaps in 2020 I need to say no to more things and try and avoid getting quite as busy.


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