Experimenting with 5:2 fasting

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It’s been a strange decade for me. In the last 5 years or so my entire approach to life has changed. I was forced by burn out to re-think my life and broadly its worked really well. I have strong routines and i am thriving in my work and independent living.

The one issue, has been weight gain. It’s not been dramatic, but its been slowly adding up. In all i’ve gained about 24kg (52lb / 3.7 stone) of weight in 4 years. I don’t feel as fit as i did before. I am not happy with how my body feels in day to day life.

With this in mind, i have been thinking of ways to achieve a slow change back in the other direction. Preferably something which will work with my routines rather than fighting them.


The basic idea of fasting to eat a single meal two days a week and eat normally the rest of the time.

It’s not super quick. It will take up too two years to get back to the weight i’d like to be. But i have plenty of time and i want change which will last.

The main thing, is that It fits my routine really well. On fasting days i keep my lunch routine and i skip my breakfast and dinner routines. This will hopefully be more sustainable because the meals themselves do not change.

I dont know if this will work, but it seems worth a go.


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