Developing a Den.

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Since moving to my new flat about 3 month ago i have been experimenting with how i use my living space.

Most days i spend 20-22 hours in my flat. It’s where i do most of my work and day to day living. This places huge demands on the space to be comfortable, safe and sustainable.

When i moved i set up three spaces. My office, my bedroom and a sort of “den” in an external storage unit. The office is where i worked, the bedroom is where i slept and the den was where i stored everything.

The Den worked extremely well. A space where i could get on with hobbies or relax. It was a bit odd to have it a 10 minute walk away from the rest of my flat but it was somewhere i enjoyed being.

A few months into the move i then swapped the bedrooms around at home. I moved my bed into the small room and used the bigger room for my home office.

After making this changed things started to evolve. With the extra room, i also had space for a TV and a few other things which had been in storage. Before long the home office and the den started to merge a bit.

The current arrangement is as follows:

Bedroom - the smallest of all the rooms. It contains my bed, a small storage shelf (for clothing / lights etc) and not much else!

Den - the larger of the rooms in my flat. It has a small sofa, a TV, my desk and a nice bookcase. This is where i spend most of my waking hours.

Storage - this is where most of my collections live. Such as lego, books and bike parts.

The main lounge in the flat is mostly used for visitors and support. It’s where my bike are stored and where I cook and eat meals.

I didnt set out to create a den / private lounge space when i started, but i am really glad I have it and how well it works. I’m hopefully going to keep with his arrangement into the foreseeable future.


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