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I’ve had an incredible end too 2017. I started making a BBC podcast, i’ve traveled to Sweden and around the UK for my work and i even managed to start learning too fly a plane.

With 2018 already underway i wanted to do a quick post to explore what’s important to me in 2018.

Better friendships

I am fortunute to have amazing freinds. They support me greatly and have put in lots of effort to help me establish and independent and sustainable life over the last two years.

In 2018 i want to help them more. Help them with the goals they have and the things thay want to do. From new adventures to quiet nights infront of the TV. Freindships are important to me in 2018.

Impactful work

This time last year my support routine was just starting. The support routine has been life changing. It’s protected the friendships i had (which where burning out) and given me a base to work from. I don’t magically have more energy, but i am using the energy i have to be more impactful in what i do.

In 2018 its important to me that i help people via my work (BBC and other) and that i make a positive impact. I am choosing where i spend my time more carefully and looking to support other organisations who are making a positive impact in the world.

More Autonomy

On a more personal level, my autonomy is important to me in 2018. I define autonomy a the ability to make both big and little decisions about my life. I have the most autonomy i have ever had, and in 2018 it is important to me than i safegaurd my autonomy into the future.

These things are what i feel are important. They build on what i have valued in 2017 and hopefully 2018 will be lots of fun and learning.


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