Previews of my future.

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Today has been really neat. I’ve been staying with my friends for the week and had annual leave so I have had less demands than normal. I’ve used the time to advance side projects and generally spend time in new places.

It’s working out pretty well. Staying with friends uses way less spoons than being at home with support so it means I can be a bit more adventurous.

Today that resulted in an adventure into town. I went to both banks to sort out some banking problems and in both banks the staff recognised me and where super helpful. I sorted the issues out myself when in the past I needed help. How awesome is that.

After that I had a look in the bike shop, then I walked to the cafe where I am now and I had a small cake and some lunch.

My speech isn’t working which is frustrating but not surprising. I can communicate well enough I think, I also have friends nearby in case I need help. The autism hub is also open today so I could go there if needed.

The things I can do now are not sustainable when I am back at home (such are the demands of independence), however they will be i the future. Days like today’s are sort of previews of my future.


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