Week 90 - Better speach and upcoming adventures.

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The last month has been really positive. We’re really starting to see the positive outcomes which come from getting the right support in place.

Things have been consistent since my last post. Our current pattern is a visit from a friend each morning and lunchtime, and then support from the LD & autism team in the evening and overnight. I also go to the Dr’s and shopping with support form the LD team.

Breaking up the long daytime alone is really helping. Rather than being trapped at home struggling to just feel calm and safe i either have lots of visits or leave the flat and come back when i am more settled.

The extra support and stability has massively helped my speech. Around my friends and in many scenarios my speech is now back which is AWESOME. I have had my first few phone calls in a few years which makes my work much easier.

Being calmer also means more energy to use for work and learning. I have been able to interact with the support people more and i am also more productive in work. Compared to only 3 months ago the difference it noticeable.

Upcoming adventures.

I’m really glad things are going well as the next month is going to be extremely demanding. I’m speaking a number of events around the country and even making a trip to Norway (!). I still find it somewhat strange to be invited to events but it is nice. I enjoy the sense of adventure. Events are simple because i get paid support from friends to help with all the travel etc.

If you want to see the events i am at this month, checkout the presentations page.

Stability means progress.

The stability of support is powering progress in both my skills (Speach!) and abilities (more interacting with support, less shy). The support means i am not bordering on exhustation all the time i can use the energy i have where it gives the best outcome.


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