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Often its the little things which make the biggest difference to day to day life. In the last few weeks i have had a series of small achievements, so i wanted to share them here and give some context on why they are more meaningful than they appear.

Showering when home alone.

I have always found showering or bathing when home along difficult. Getting things done in the right order, while remaining calm and dealing with the sensory overload can be challenging.

In the last few weeks i have just about got to the stage where i can have a shower while home alone and not feel to crappy after. I can’t do it everyday but i can do it sometimes and thats a good feeling.

I time it carefully so i shower shortly before the support person arrives. Then if it goes wrong i wont have to wait long for help.

Up and out.

Another little change / achievement i have made is getting better at leaving my flat in the morning. What i used to do was get up and then try and complete a somewhat complex morning routine. I really struggled with this. Most days i didn’t manage it. What i am doing now is getting up and then heading straight out to the cafe. I wear whatever i went to bed in and focus on getting something to eat and drink.

I then plan my day over breakfast in the morning calm of the cafe. I can then stay there most of the day. Less time alone at home is better for me.


As i am getting more stable i have been able to return to my hobbies. It’s not everyday i have the spare energy, but from time to time i have been able to play lego or work on an electronics project.

I know for many people thats not an achievement, but for me it is. It means i am gettting more comfortable around the support people and in turn getting more comfortable at home.

Less lion.

I wasn’t sure if this was an achievement, but i have decided to include it anyway. Lion always goes outside with me, but more recently he has been able to stay in my room when i do things like shower or brush my teeth.

Like with doing more hobbies, this is a sign i am more relaxed around the people who look after me.

Final thoughts.

I know these are small achievements in the grand scale of things, but for me they are significent. They make a difference to my quality of life and my sense of autonomy. They also tend to build on each other. Eventually, lots of small achievements turn into a big achievement.


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