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One of the thing i have learnt about myself in the last two years is that progress towards my goals can be very uneven. For example, it’s not that unusual for me to struggle with something for months, then over a week or two make great process. Equally, sometimes i may get the hang of something for a while, then loose that ability again as things change.

Even knowing that sometimes the progress can really surprise me. Case in point, i am back to riding the bus. Sometimes.

Building blocks.

To make this work required three things. Somewhere to go, a way to get there, and some support to make it realistic.

I decided i would ride the bus to the costa cafe in town. I knew it was like the cafe (same menu!) but in a quite book shop. Knowing the cafe meant i could build on that and know what to do in the new cafe. I have a favourite seat in the corner.

Next i needed to work out the travel. I can’t get into town on foot due to the roads. There a 6 lane road to cross and thats a bit ambitious. However, i had ridden the bus into town with my friend a few time. I knew it was a short ride and when it picked up and dropped off.

Finally i needed the right support. I only take the bus when one of my friends is working from home so they can come get me if i needed. I also only take it on days when i have slept well. I go out early in the morning before it gets busy and i keep to a very simple trip.

Putting it all together.

Putting it all together is a bit scary but not too bad. It takes lots of energy to get started but once i am on my way it can be enjoyable. It uses lots of spoons (4 or 5!) so i need to time it very carefully. I got lost on buses the first few times so i need to be more careful.


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