How i use my iPad Pro.

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I’ve had the iPad Pro about 6 weeks now. After a slightly rocky start i have really started to bond with it and get an idea of how to get the most out of it for the things i do.

Here are the three ways i am using my iPad Pro.

Reading mode with the smart case.

Combined with the Smart Case i find the iPad is very useful for reading when i have something to rest it on. Normally i use it at the cafe this way. I place it on the table in front of me and make my way through my RSS feeds etc. This is also a really nice way to triage email and read long documents.

I like the direct interaction using my fingers, It feels simpler than using a mouse / track pad and the screen being closer to me helps me to read things better. My MacBook isn’t as good, the screen is smaller and the trackpad etc is not as satisfying to use.

I probably spend about a third of the time i use the the iPad using it this way. I would use it more but its just to big to use this way on the sofa or in bed.

Productivity mode.

When i need to Get Work Done i pop my iPad into a Studio Neat Canvas case and then attach an Apple Magic Keyboard to it. The Magic Keyboard is brilliant and it turns the iPad into the best writing device i have in my life. An iPad running byword with Wifi turned off and a keyabord attached seems to be the ultimate in "distraction free writing".

I also handle my email and use slack and iMessages this way. The iPad offers just enough capability for me to get my work done without to much other stuff getting in the way. It also gets astounding battery life when used this way. It will often last 10-14 hours on a charge.


I can’t normally speak, its a really pain in the butt so i use technology to help. One of the ways i use the iPad is to use it as my voice. I use an app called proloquo4text and then write out messages. If i am chatting with someone, then will often sit next to me so they can read as i type, or i can have it announce my words to the whole room. The iPad Pro has nice speakers, its a huge improvement over other iPads and my phone.

Final words.

It was always an experiment to see how it would work for me and i have been pleasantly surprised with just how capable the iPad can be. It’s far from perfect (multitasking is pants) but it’s a solid base and i am optimistic to see how it evolves in the future.


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